sunday, november 17th, 2019 @ 2pm
Join us on King St. in Downtown Cobourg for the 64th Annual Santa Claus Parade!


(please read everything carefully)

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NOTE:   The Santa Claus Parade Committee does not wish to place many restrictions on parade participants. The following policies are established as the minimum regulations for operational, enjoyment and safety reasons. We require your cooperation in observing them. Parade participants are responsible for their own safety and the parade committee will not be held responsible for any accidents.



  1. Only one Santa. No other Santa Claus (or any portrayal of Santa) but the one at the end of the parade will be permitted.
  2. For 2019, all participants should incorporate a “Traditional Canadian Christmas” theme in their decorations, music, float design and/or costumes.
  3. All vehicles (including those towing floats and those used for promotional reasons) must be decorated. Exceptions only at the discretion of the Parade Committee.
  4. Entries must be entertaining to a family audience, especially for children.
  5. All participants must complete the Parade Registration/Entry Form and be at the Staging Area by 12:00pm.
  6. Groups must stay together throughout the duration of the staging period and parade.
  7. The Staging Area is at the South end of Abbott Blvd. and must be accessed by driving from King St. East to the South end of D’Arcy St., then East along Lakeshore Dr. to Abbott Blvd. Here, a Marshall will greet you and provide you with instructions.
  8. Parade participants shall not consume alcohol and will refrain from smoking during their participation in the parade.
  9. An entry may be refused up to the start of the parade should the entry not meet parade guidelines or differ from the approved entry form.
  10. Any entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.
  11. Candy/Food – The following rules have no exception . Violators will be removed from the parade:
    1. Candy or edibles must be individually wrapped.
    2. They must be distributed hand-to-hand by walkers, without being thrown or made airborne by any other means.
    3. The distribution may not interfere with other parade entrants and may not slow down the parade to any degree. This may require skipping some children and spectators.
  12. No participant will hand out literature, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, flyers, coupons or any other written or printed materials to parade spectators.
  13. There will be no premature exiting of the parade route, except in the case of a legitimate emergency.
  14. Walking/Dancing groups must have their vehicle in front of its walkers/dancers.
  15. Entries using music must play Christmas music.
  16. No entry shall exceed 12 feet in height.
  17. If you are performing or dancing, do so while in motion. Stopping is not permitted unless necessary.
  18. Animal Entries:  All entries are required to clean up behind their animals along the route.  Please be courteous to the other participants.
  19. Name of group/entry must be prominent and easily identifiable.
  20. Any entries using generators or other possible fire hazards must have a portable fire extinguisher of minimum class 3-A; 10-B; C.
  21. Minimum age for walkers is five (5) years old.
  22. Any floats with children must provide the following minimum Adult to Child Ratio:
    1. Children 12 and under – 1:10 (one adult for every ten children)
    2. Children 13 to 17 – 1:15 (one adult for every fifteen children)



Note: Despite the non-commercial nature of this event, the parade committee recognizes the value of exposure to thousands of spectators. The parade committee reserves the right to declare any entry as commercial and subject to commercial entry fees.

  1. Any entry by a for-profit individual, group or corporation will be subject to an entry fee, as determined by the parade committee.
  2. Fees may be waived for sponsors of the parade (see “Sponsor” on our website).
  3. A for-profit entity may submit an entry which is not self-promotional, whereby there is no mention, representation or display of the corporation’s/individual’s/group’s name, products or services. In such cases, the entry fee may be waived.
  4. All entries should be decorated using a "Traditional Canadian Christmas" theme.
  5. Commercial entries are subject to the same rules as all other entries.
  6. Commercial entries must have a minimum decorative/theme coverage of 30% on vehicles and floats.
  7. Commercial entries fall under 2 categories :
    1. Community-Based Commercial Entry (most entries):
      1. Includes any entry which displays the name of, represents or promotes a for-profit entity (corporation, group or individual) but does not display, represent, or promote a specific product, service or event.
      2. Subject to a $25 entry fee (made payable to the "Town of Cobourg," memo: Santa Claus Parade) and a tax receipt can be issued following the parade by request. Please contact us directly to arrange payment.
      3. Sponsorship of the parade in an amount greater than $100 will result in the entry fee being waived and will entitle the corporation, group or individual to full sponsorship benefits.
    2. Promotional Commercial Entry (sponsorship equivalent):
      1. Includes any entry by a for-profit corporation, group or individual which displays, represents, or promotes a specific product, service or event.
      2. A $500 sponsorship allows for up to two vehicles, products, services or events. Multiple entries may be submitted, each at the same rate. Payments can be made to the "Town of Cobourg," memo: Santa Claus Parade, and a tax receipt can be issued following the parade by request. Please contact us directly to arrange payment.
      3. Promotional Commercial Entries are entitled to full sponsorship benefits. A maximum of two vehicles, products, services or events is allowed per $500 amount.



Judging stations will be situated along the parade route. Judging is based on four categories. Each category is rated out of five for a total score of 20. Do not stop forward-motion in front of the judging stations:

  • Effort – Adherence to the rules, theme, organization and planning
  • Theme – Adherence to entry’s chosen theme and effective presentation of that theme
  • Appearance and Originality – Presentation, overall appearance, audience response, originality
  • Participation – from the children and audience, and the group members enthusiasm



  1. Each entry must identify a float captain who is responsible for reporting to a parade representative upon arrival at the parade. Entry numbers and all other pertinent information will be given out at the pre-parade meeting/reception.
  2. All participants should arrive no later than 12:00pm. Ensuring a prompt start to the parade.
  3. Parade starts at exactly 2:00pm (rain, snow or shine) with or without you.
  4. End of Parade Route:
    1. All vehicles must turn right onto William Street.
    2. Any vehicles not needing to drop off passengers may turn right again on Ontario Street and leave the parade route.
    3. Vehicles needing to drop passengers are asked to proceed North-West on William St., letting passengers off between Ontario St. and University Ave. Use caution and be wary of other traffic.
  5. Captains are required to inform all parents and participants of these rules. We suggest that Captains arrange a meeting place with participants (and parents) in one pre-arranged location (ex. The Library) and that children be escorted out of the loading area to meet guardians for pickup.


If you have any questions Float Captains may call:

Parade Marshall Ron Wiebe at (905) 376-5525

or email the parade committee:

After arrival, questions should be directed to your Float Captain and not Parade Staff.

Thank you!




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